Toy Crates and Happy Veggies

My toy crates are a lovely addition to any playroom or nursery and you'll be surprised just how much you can fit inside them! They are a great way for organising toys...especially as they are stackable, so if you have lots of toys, more than one child or multiple crates from me, at the end of playtime you can stack them away to save some space. As with all my crates if you want to change the text style or images just drop me an email and I'll do my best to make it happen.

The toy food crates are a more recent addition to the 'children & babies' collection. We bought Lexi a lovely play kitchen and some toy food for her 1st birthday, but couldn't find a container that could hold it's own at playtime (she's an enthusiastic and adventurous cook haha...lots of containers got crushed). Then my mother-in-law said 'if only we knew someone who made sturdy and beautiful storage...' and the 'fruit & veg' and 'food' crates were born. They could of course be used for real food and snack storage too...

When I was thinking about which small business I would like to showcase alongside my toy crates, Pebblechild immediately sprang to mind. Samantha was very supportive when I was starting out with Moore Crate Occasions and very kindly collaborated with me on my newborn crate launch, giving away a gorgeous ballerina toy. I reached out to Pebble then, and again now, because I LOVE everything about the company and what they are doing behind the scenes and I know you will too!

All their toys are super cute! We have some of their 'happy veg', they are a real hit with Lexi and she's not alone, Stacey Solomon's little boy Rex has always adored his Pebble toy collection!

They were great as rattles when Lexi was small, and then as she started to talk they were brilliant for fruit and veg recognition, helping develop her speech (even if she did start with "Caaa-ot" and "Car-doe" ha) and colour recognition and recall. Pebble have such stunning collections (including some gorgeous seasonal bits) which would make beautiful and fun additions to any toy box, they are great gifts too.

I'll hand over to Samantha now to tell you all about Pebblechild, what they do, how and why, so you too can see what a truly brilliant business it is!

I am Samantha Morshed. I worked in the City of London in investment banks until 1999 when I took a break to have children and when they were still little we decided as a family to move to Dhaka, Bangladesh where my husband had inherited the family home. Whilst we were renovating our home I started to teach a few very poor women from the local slum to knit as a way of helping them to earn an income and very quickly realised that this could be a good solution for them and could bring potential work and economic opportunity to remote parts of Bangladesh.

My business is Pebblechild UK Limited. We make the Pebble toys. In Bangladesh we started in 2004 as Hathay Bunano ps which is a non-profit organisation I set up with my husband, Golam, with the aim of teaching women in remote and rural locations in Bangladesh to knit and crochet. As we taught more women and gained orders we created the Pebble brand and Pebblechild Bangladesh Ltd to enable us to export the toys.

Our business is a social enterprise. That means that it was created in order to bring benefit to disadvantaged, often disabled and mostly illiterate women in remote and rural parts of Bangladesh. In order for the business to survive we have to make a profit and be commercially viable. But the purpose of the business is to make life better for those artisans we work with and this is what drives everything we do.

Of course, to be commercially viable we need customers! We are so fortunate in that we have the most wonderful customerbase of people who really love our toys and are really committed to the work we do in Bangladesh. We make toys that are really cute. Doesn't every baby need a smiley carrot rattle and every toddler need a basket of smiley vegetables while they are learning about names and colours and shapes and sizes.

We aim to make a product that is sustainable, using minimal electricity and being made by hand, customers can be sure that our toys create no harm to the earth. We also aim to make toys that are good quality and will stand the test of time and we very much hope will be kept and used by the next generation as people start to buy better and buy less. We are a guaranteed member of the World Fair Trade Federation which means that our supply chain is regularly audited by an independent third party and all our toys are certified fair trade. It's impossible to spend any time in a country like Bangladesh where there is so much poverty and need and not feel that it is your responsibility to try to do something to make the lives of the poor a little better. This is exactly what happened to me. When you see hardship and poverty on the tv you can turn it off and choose not to think about it but when you live in the middle of it for some time you really have no choice but to do what you can. This is how Pebble toys started. We are simply doing what we can to make the world a little bit more fair.

There's lots of information on the website - with videos showing the work and where we work, as well as on our blog at, as well as ongoing information on our instagram New customers can get 30% off their first order when they subscribe on the website. We have new products coming out every month so there's always something new to see.

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