Sustainable Swaps and Reusable Nappy Week 2021

This blog is all about sustainable swaps and reusable nappies, as today marks the start of 'Reusable Nappy Week' and Thursday 22nd April is Earth Day.

'Cloth' or not, this blog's feature crate is a great way to store nappies and it makes a lovely personalised addition to any baby bedroom, nursery or changing station. Nappy crates are available here for £32.50 with FREE UK delivery.

Reusable Nappy Week will see a lot going on online to promote using 'cloth' nappies, so if you're even a little bit is a great time to do some research (and shopping). It's no secret I'm a cloth bum mum...Lexi loves her Baba & Boo cloth nappies (she's been telling us what pictures she can see, what noises they make and what colours she likes for as long as she's been able to talk) and she's not alone Joe Wickes is a Baba & Boo fan too. I didn't plan to use re-usable nappies but my sister found they worked really well with her two children, so we thought we'd give it a go. They have been brilliant!! We've never run out of nappies (or wipes) and have never had a, so far (20 months in) I can't fault them. The fact I've saved thousands of nappies, wipes and nappy bags from going to landfill is a real bonus, as we all try to lead more eco friendly lives to help save the planet.

I understand they're not for everyone and there are lots of other swaps that people might be more comfortable with, after all "We don't need a handful of people doing zero waste perfectly. We need millions of people doing it imperfectly." (Anne-Marie Bonneau, 2019). I'd recommend cloth wipes, for post mealtime and snack clean up, as a starting place...they just get chucked in the wash with everything else and can be used again and again. You're probably aware of some other eco friendly swaps...bamboo toothbrushes instead of plastic ones, reusable water bottles and metal reusable straws but did you know you can get reusable breast pads (I can highly recommend these), eco friendly deodorant (that actually works) and even reusable sanitary towels?

If you are interested in cloth nappies OR other Eco swaps and living a more sustainable life, today's guest writer is well worth a follow on on to find out a bit more about Meg and her sustainable.mum.life_

Hello I’m Meg or @sustainable.mum.life_ over on my Instagram. Thank you Moore Crate Occasions for having me. This week is Real Nappy Week so I thought it was the perfect time to come over and share the love of cloth! Any questions feel free to leave them in the comment over on the instagram post about this blog.

So a bit about me then… Like I said my name is Meg, I am a military wife and mother to my son Harley-Beau who is nearly 3. I started my account @sustainable.mum.life_ shortly after having him when I discovered cloth nappies. I borrowed a trial kit from my local nappy library (which I now run) and the rest is history.

Cloth nappies led me to look at other habits in my home I could change, and it became a bit addictive to find new swaps and then share them on my account. The real reason I wanted to share my journey though is because it's not perfect, and that's okay. I followed a lot of amazing Zero Waste accounts that had absolutely nailed living that lifestyle. Some people manage to get their waste from a whole year in a jam jar!? Can you believe it! I always felt like I was comparing my efforts to theirs and always felt like I wasn't doing good enough. If I'd been able to tell myself back then to focus on all the things I WAS doing then I think I would be proud of the changes I had made. That was really what drove my account. I wanted to show a real family, with a young baby, striving for a zero waste lifestyle, imperfectly.

I still, nearly two years later, haven't nailed it but we are trying and that's all that really matters. I always said if I could help one person to feel like what they were doing was amazing no matter how small, or even better yet inspire someone to start, then I’ve done what I set out to achieve.

So a bit about the Nappy Library.. .As I touched on earlier I hired a kit from the same nappy library I now run and I love being able to help others get started too. Before I had my son I had researched cloth nappies but I found it so overwhelming to know where to start. I discovered my local nappy library through attending baby groups, and having that chance to try before you buy is invaluable. To find a local nappy library near you, you click here to look at the map of the UK Nappy Network to find your closest.

Your local council may also have a voucher scheme for you to be able to redeem against cloth nappies too. The full list of council incentives is available here

As well as running the nappy library I also use my account as a way to help people get started through The Nappy Gurus Team and I love it. ‘The Nappy Gurus’ are an independent retailer stocking cloth nappies and a wealth of zero waste and plastic free, home and lifestyle accessories. Their primary goal is to keep the world of cloth nappies simple and to encourage parents to make the switch without feeling overwhelmed. I have been a part of the team since early 2019 and in that time I have helped countless people through phone calls, video calls, live chat, emails and direct messages. There are a number of us on the TNG team and that's what makes it so great. There is so much knowledge and experience, and we all have different strengths in knowledge. When you combine us together it means there probably isn't much we can’t help you with.

Real Nappy Week is all about spreading the message far and wide. To celebrate ‘The Nappy Gurus’ have some exciting offers and maybe even some new goodies to share. If you head over to the facebook group you will be the first to find out about all the exciting things happening. It’s also just a really lovely space to ask questions and meet like minded parents too.

If you are feeling inspired to get started with cloth nappies and would like my help you can fill in this short survey and I will get back to you with a hand written and tailored response to help you get started. I even have a 10% off affiliate code ‘MEGNEAL’ you can use for money off too {code excludes bundles, bumgenius and thirsties products}

Meg x

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