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Updated: Aug 4

In anticipation of National Play Day on 4th August I've decided to make Sensory Crates this month's feature crate(s). These are one of my favourite crates to paint because...well just look at those little faces!

I was very (very) lucky that I was able to take Lexi to baby sensory classes when she was small...our class leader Shelley was absolutely amazing! We loved everything about the sessions, the themes [see French week photo], singing, music, colours, lights, tactile toys, puppet shows(!)...Lexi used to smile and laugh her way through every class and then have a mega nap when we got home (most of the time falling asleep on our 5 min walk home!). When Covid hit, our classes went on Zoom (didn't everything...) and I was very glad of the collection of sensory toys we had amassed since Lexi was born.

I've always had the small sensory crate in my 'children & babies' collection. They are great for keeping all your sensory toys organised in one place and are brilliant for lifting in and out of a larger toy box, using in a toy rotation or having out on display (they fit really nicely in IKEA KALLAX and IVAR units). I am always amazed by how much you can actually fit in my small crates but eventually I had to admit defeat with ours (Lexi loves a sensory toy!) so I decided to add a large sensory crate to the 'Children & babies' collection.

They are perfect if, like us, you have a large or growing collection of sensory toys, books and resources. The large crate shown here is the original design with black text on a white background for high contrast (did you know newborns can only see in black, white and grey so high contrast/monochrome stimulation is great for them) and colourful images in the middle (to capture little ones' interest as sight develops and to help with colour recognition and recall as they get older) and who doesn't love a rainbow?!

When it comes to filling up your crate, I can wholeheartedly, 100% recommend today's guest writer! Dee from 'The Little Sensory Box' is my...scrap that...THE, absolute go to for sensory toys...she is referred to as 'the sensory lady' in our house (my poor husband can't keep up with names of all my favourite small business owners haha) but actually it couldn't be more apt. So I'll hand the blog over to her now so she can tell you all about her multi-award winning business and why sensory toys and play are so important for you and your little one(s).

My name is Dee and I am a first time mum to my toddler Alfie, we live in Peterborough with my husband and our 2 labradors and I used to serve in the RAF before running The Little Sensory Box.

I set up The Little Sensory Box in 2019 whilst on maternity leave after suffering with anxiety and feeling overwhelmed with how to play and interact with my newborn. After attending local sensory classes I discovered not just how beneficial it was for Alfie's development but also for me and helping me to bond with my baby. I wanted to be able to help other parents who maybe struggling like I was.

Initially, The Little Sensory Box started off with 3 simple sensory play boxes but now includes an award-winning Baby's First Year Subscription as one of toys and resources that can be purchased.

The Baby’s First Year subscription is a quarterly series of four baby development play boxes, carefully curated to provide all the toys and resources needed to stimulate a baby's senses from 0-12 months and beyond. Each box is bursting with age-appropriate kit and comes complete with a downloadable play and development guide tailored to baby’s next development milestones.

Engaging in sensory play with babies can benefit brain and language development, motor skills, social interaction and much, much more but you don't need to be an early-years expert or the proud owner of a bottomless toy box to create fun and interactive sensory experiences at home. I wanted to be able to show that sensory play doesn't need to be complicated.

You can find the baby's first year subscription here Email subscribers will also get 40% off their first subscription boxes (this week only) by signing up here.

If you would like a sensory crate for your little one or a friend, small sensory crates are available here (£24.99 FREE UK delivery) and large sensory crate are available here (£32.50 FREE UK delivery). Don't forget, I paint every crate to order so the design and colour combinations can be changed to suit your tastes or decor AND because I'm a 'Friend of The Little Sensory Box' you can use the code TLSB10 for 10% off on my website. If you have another crate idea in mind, I'd love to hear from you, why not contact me to discuss it?

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