Newborn keepsake crates and capturing those precious newborn memories...

So you announce your bundle of joy has arrived and after all the "Awwws", "Congratulations!" and "Is everyone doing well?" you are undoubtedly met with the following questions...Have you chosen a name? How heavy were they? What date and time did you have them? I love that I get to record this exciting birth information on my keepsake crates...I can't help but smile while I'm painting them...I just adore newborn babies! I am so excited our new neighbours have a 7 week old and a friend of mine now has a nearly 3 week old!

I've made these crates available in large and small, as people want them for different purposes. They are a wonderful way to celebrate a new arrival or a first birthday. They can be used as a gift hamper and be filled up with newborn/new mum essentials, but are also great storage for toys and books and look lovely out on display. Did you know you can select your colour combinations to suit your tastes and/or decor and I can even change the footprints in the middle if you have something else in mind (like the little puffin below).

I might get to record the birth information on a crate but today's guest writer gets to capture you and your precious newborn on camera...taking beautiful photos that will serve as a lasting memory of those first few weeks together...which let's face it are a bit of a blur for us all. I absolutely adore the photos Amanda took of baby Lexi (and 6 month old Lexi)...I can't quite believe Lexi was ever that small (or sleepy?). I honestly could not recommend her any more highly!

Read on to find out a bit more about today's small business 'Amanda Cousins Photography'...I am delighted that Amanda is now able to take bookings again and all being well (with covid restrictions being lifted) she'll be back in the studio with new parents and their gorgeous newborn babies very soon!

I’m the Amanda behind Amanda Cousins Photography, a specialist newborn and first years photographer, based in Highbury, Islington (North London). The studio opened in 2019, but I’ve been doing photography since 2016. I absolutely love photographing small people. Considering I really wasn't a big fan of history at school, playing a part in documenting the history of my clients' lives, is now my absolute favourite thing to do. My other favourite things are talking about babies, baking and eating brownies - in this job I get to do it all!  

I specialise in newborn and the first years - which is awesome, because I get to see tiny humans grow and develop their own little personalities. I offer newborn sessions (primarily for babies up to 2-3weeks old, but with this year’s craziness, I’ve done sessions with babies a little older than this), older baby sessions (for babies that can sit independently, but aren’t yet in the move) and a variety of first birthday sessions (cake smash, fruit smash and paint splash). When I reopen later this month, I’ll be running some spring specials with some fab new floral backdrops (for boys and girls).

Gemma asked me for a top tip - the most important part of newborn photography, is safety. When you’re looking for a photographer, make sure they are like me: they have undertaken training (to be able to handle your baby safely), and that they are insured.

You can find lots more info at You an also check out my instagram and facebook pages.

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