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Mother's Day is just around the corner (Sunday 14th March...get it in your diary!) so today I am launching my Mother's Day crates. I have had the pleasure of painting some beautiful crates for mum's (including my own wonderful mum) are a few of my favourite makes to date.

The Mum's Craft Kit crate makes me smile because it was painted to perfectly match the mum's interests and was gifted with a very specific purpose in mind. I was so nervous when I suggested the design for the Dinosaur crate, I'd never tackled something so complex on a crate before but I really enjoyed doing it and the customer was so happy with the final gave me a lot of confidence to be braver with my designs. That said, I do love the simplicity of the tulips on the Mother's Day crate...did you know these can be switched for 3 or 4 images selected especially for your mum just like the Mamma baking crate. These are the 2 designs I am making available for Mother's Day...I'll stop taking orders for them on 1st March (to make sure they arrive in good time) so if you want one, put your order in here (£24.99 with FREE UK delivery). If you have a different design idea in mind, please contact me to discuss it.

Talking of know what else your mum would love for mother's day...a tray of unbelievably delicious blondies and brownies...delivered straight to her door!'s guest blog writer Rukiya can make it happen! Read on to find out all about the fantastic Crumbs and Brownies...

Hi! I’m Rukiya, a secondary school Food and Nutrition teacher currently on maternity leave. I’m a mum of two small boys under two; Yusuf and Yunus. I only recently moved to High Wycombe after getting married, and buying our family home. It's definitely a change, having grown up and lived in London my whole life.

I’ve baked for as long as I can remember but always for family, friends and of course also at work! But not once did it cross my mind to start selling my sweet creations. I always turn to baking when looking for something to do for myself, it’s not only a hobby but a great passion of mine. This is what pushed me to turn my hobby into a business and Crumbs and Brownies was born! You guessed it specialising in brownies and blondies, with the idea to expand to cakes in the near future, even though it’s only small right now I have big hopes and a great vision of where we will be in the coming years.

We only use the best quality ingredients in all our bakes from free range eggs to Belgian’s finest Callebaut dark & white chocolate to Zazou Emporium Madagascan vanilla ensuring we bring you the best tasting product. We pride ourselves not only the taste but also the presentation, we want them to look as good as they taste! Crumbs and Brownies has been around for just over two months and is growing from strength to strength. Between looking after the boys me and my husband bake, pack and post mixed boxes of brownies/blondies on a weekly basis. All orders are managed through our Instagram page, we are currently working on a website which will make it even easier for our customers to order.

We’ve recently started a postal service for our brownies and blondies and the response and feedback has been amazing. My favourite part of packing postals has to be seeing customers send treats to their loved ones especially for occasions or just as a pick me up through lockdown. Local collection is also available form High Wycombe.

We currently have a Valentines Day range available for postal for £22.95 including postage and a complimentary note.

You can find more information about our brownies and blondies as well as our postal service on our Instagram page @crumbsandbrownies be sure to give us a follow so you can stay up to date with our products and services!

I'll be back with another blog in just a few weeks time with another feature crate and relevant small business...spoiler ISN'T a sweet baked goods business :D

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