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I love music! In my school days I spent lunchtime and after school juggling sports practise with music clubs, shovelling a sandwich down my throat as I ran from one to the other. Not much changed as I became a chosen subject was PE but I enjoyed supporting the music department, attending concerts and recitals throughout the year and could always be found backstage for summer production and carrying an inordinately heavy bit of equipment or hiding at the back of the choir on residential music tours of Europe. I think music can do us so much good in so many ways! I hope to foster the same love of music in far, so good...she quite regularly just bursts in to song, reciting her favourite nursery rhymes. We have lots of instruments at home, which she loves playing and she has always enjoyed music and singing at home and at baby sensory classes.

I was delighted to make this gorgeous crate for another music loving little one back in 2020! And jumped at the chance to put together a couple of crates for my wonderful friend Emily who runs Emily Grimes Music Therapy (see top image). She is fabulous! So good on the keys and guitar (hence why I included them in the design) and a fantastic singer. This along with all her training and her incredible personality make Emily an awesome music therapist...When I realised that European Music Therapy Day (EMTD) is coming up on 15th November I simply had to get her on the on to find out all about Emily, her business and how she's going to celebrate EMTD 2021.

Hi there, my name is Emily and I am a musician and a qualified music therapist. When I first started learning the piano at the age of 5, I never dreamed that I’d have a career in something that not only supports individuals in their physical and emotional needs but at the same time brings me great joy. Having gained my degree in psychology in 2009, I began working at a small Essex based charity called SNAP, which supported families with children and young people who had special needs and disabilities. I worked closely with the children and young people themselves, as well as supporting parents with diagnosis information and other areas that they might require support in. This is also where I experienced music therapy for the first time, assisting the therapist in her work with the various children and knew that this was where I wanted to be.

After completing my Masters in Music Therapy, I set up EGMT – Emily Grimes Music Therapy in 2016, alongside my work at a national music therapy charity. Whilst I loved my job (and continue to love!) my work with the charity, I wanted to provide my own service of music therapy delivery to people in my own local area.

Music therapy uses music to help support people to help make a positive impact, offering the opportunity to enjoy and express themselves through improvised and known music in order to reach their full potential. The approach I’m trained in is considered to be person centered and music focused, and I work to help my clients participate in music as much as possible; this could mean encouraging someone to explore the instruments whilst I accompany them on the piano or guitar, helping to develop gross and fine motor skills by using specific instruments or even helping someone to find their voice or use language.

I work with both children and adults, working individually, in groups and even within choirs in various places including different centres and in people’s homes. My Moore Crate Occasion Crates that Gemma customised for me are fantastic and not only help me get all of my instruments to wherever I need to be, but also helps me to promote the work that I do.

There have been some really magical moments within my work, where children have been motivated to speak and use language for the first time, been able to move to the music and have taken their first steps, given people the confidence and opportunity to perform in front of a small crowd, helping people to express themselves and communicate with others when verbal language just isn’t possible due to their disability and foster and nurture real friendships and relationships through musical communication. I have met some amazing individuals and their families through my work and I consider it a tremendous privilege to be able to connect with people at this incredibly intimate level.

More information about music therapy and my services can be found on my website at or my Facebook page where I share the work I have been involved with, as well as resources people can access and get participate in. Each Friday at 9:30am, I am proud to be part of the SNAP Facebook Live sessions, which includes live music and requests from myself, sandwiched between chat with me, the CEO and a SNAP adviser, streamed on the SNAP – Special Needs And Parents Facebook page. Off the back of this, we completed a 24hr fundraising musical event this year raising over £13,000 for SNAP and held a live music evening – please join us for weekly fun and frivolity at

European Music Therapy Day on the 15th November is a fantastic opportunity for the world of music therapy to share what we do and how we support people through the use of therapeutic music making. I will be celebrating by continuing to make music with my clients as well as streaming some of my own written music on my Facebook page (Emily Grimes through The Moot Music Café). Music has the incredible ability to cut through our difficulties, hold us when we need it to, energise us when we need invigoration and bring us to together in the most amazing of ways and I wouldn’t live my life in any other way.

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