Happy Mother's Day

This time last year, I was sat in my PJ's in my living room having spent my 3rd night on the sofa bed with Lexi next to me in her moses poor husband had been banished to our bedroom to isolate with suspected was my first mother's lovely MIL dropped a food parcel and some beautiful tulips on our doorstep and I was directed (over the phone) by my husband to my hidden gift (which was thankfully not in our bedroom)...I got this beautiful photo of Lexi to mark the day...just look at that hair! Covid may still be hanging around but at least this year we'll get to spend the day as a family of 3 (in the same room). I'm sad that, like so many others, we won't get to see my mum today (we'll video call her, but it's not the same) but I am so grateful and know I am so fortunate to have such a wonderful mum in my life. I'm excited that the crates below will finally be given to their new owners today! I hope everyone has a wonderful day however you are able to celebrate...mum's are amazing and deserve celebrating!

Today's guest blog writer is Carly aka The Fit Mummy. Carly and I worked together as teachers (pre-babies) and her gorgeous little boy Theo is just 2 months older than Lexi....I made my first ever sensory crate for Theo...look how cute he is!

Whilst on maternity leave Carly decided to take the leap from teaching to becoming a very successful business owner...she is smashing it! I'm handing todays blog over to her today (on Mother's Day) because Carly is all about empowering women, particularly mum's. She gives an honest account of mum life over on her instagram @thefitmummyofficial and advocates that self care is really important to allow mum's to effectively look after their tiny humans...above all she reminds us that no matter what 'You got this Mamma'. Enough from me...over to Carly...

I am Carly, a wife, mother and owner of The Fit Mummy. I host online bootcamps for mummies to help them feel more confident in their postpartum bodies and to help with their mental health. The classes originally started as small local classes in a studio with around 8 mums, once a week, but after the world was sent into lockdown, I took them online and they grew beyond anything that I could have predicted. My bootcamps have allowed women to come together during a difficult time, allowing them to do something for themselves, whilst juggling the everyday balls of motherhood. I pride myself on my bootcamps being more than just classes, it is a community, and a very special one at that. Some women have been with me since I first launched my online classes and I am beyond grateful for the support that I have been given.

I have recently started doing Bump Bootcamps for pregnant mums and hope to build the same kind of supportive community there. These classes allow pregnant women to have a healthy and active pregnancy, whilst feeling comfortable and safe, and are suitable for all trimesters.

Alongside this I also run my own beauty business, selling some incredible skincare products that have personally helped me with my own confidence. They have given me more radiant, smoother and younger looking skin, as well the opportunity to work with a team of other mums to help build their own businesses around their busy lives.

Both of my businesses encompass self care and encourage mothers to dedicate some time for themselves. Since being a mum myself, I know first hand how important this is. You can find out more information on both via my website where you can also book a free taster class and have a browse of some of my favourite beauty products. My new 4 week block for my mummy bootcamp starts on 29th March and if you use the code MOORE5 you can get £5 off your first booking.

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