Festive treats...who doesn't love chocolate at Christmas?!

I'm so excited for Christmas and it's just 54 days away! Which means you've got just 16 days to order your Christmas Crate in time for 1st December. If you want a crate in time for Christmas eve, to use as a Christmas gift or hamper rather than an advent crate, you'll have until the 6th December to get your order in.

I absolutely love it when the benches of the workshop start to fill up with all the festive colours and images! What do you think of the new characters? They'll be appearing on a crate soon, so keep an eye on my instagram. The new layout option: just names on the top and the images on the bottom is proving came about after a customer wanted to add longer names but didn't want smaller text, she suggested shortening the names as a compromise but loved it when I said I could just add the Holly to the bottom row of both. It's so important to me that customers get what they envisage or if they're not really sure what they're after, have options to choose from. One of the joys of hand-painting every crate to order is that I can change anything about the design to meet your requirements. The little chalkboard countdown was an idea I'd had for a while so when the customer couldn't decide between snowmen and candy canes I suggested they have both and add the chalkboard! They loved it!

Speaking of countdowns, in the last blog I suggested you could use these crates as a book advent calendar, but sometimes there's nothing better than chocolate (Christmas is one of those times!) so if you've got a sweet tooth but fancy a twist on the ordinary then you should absolutely check out today's guest writer Amy and her small business Choccy Monster! Her hot choccy kits are AMAZING, my nieces' loved their unicorn ones!! Read on to find out more about what she's got to offer this festive season.

Hello, my name is Amy and I run Choccy Monster. Here at Choccy monster I create unique chocolate gifts for all occasions and seasons throughout the year! Everything is made by hand and includes the time and dedication to ensure your products are nothing you are able to purchase from a larger retailer. All of our chocolate is prepared in our new business premises that I was able to purchase at the end on 2020. All is purely Belgium chocolate which I have found to be the most creamy and best tasting to offer our lovely customers.

I set Choccy Monster up a couple of years ago when I decided to stop making wedding cakes. I loved making wedding cakes however I found that the stress over took the enjoyment of the creative side I loved so much with working in the confectionary business and starting looking for other ways I can put my focus into.

Our products range from chocolate bars to gift boxes and our most popular Fluff Pops which are jumbo marshmallows covered in our finest chocolate!!

You can find out more about our business from our website WWW.CHOCCYMONSTER.CO.UK where you will be able to browse our products and shop directly! We also have a Facebook site and are on Instagram where you can get update from our stories and grid posts about offers, news and products available.

We have some fab products available for Christmas this year and our showcase Calendars and Crackers are now available for PREORDER!

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