Birthday Crates and Cakes

This blogs theme is Birthdays! Do you know anyone with a January Birthday? I love painting Birthday crates...they make a great gift by themselves, can be used as a hamper (filled with all the recipients favourite things) and can be kept out on display or used for storage after the big day! I particularly like bespoke birthday crates as it allows me to be really creative. I've shared some of my favourites here; I really enjoyed painting Finley's Treasure box as a first birthday gift as it gave me a chance to be bold with the colours, whereas Stephen and Steve's crates reflect their interests (staying active and Kings of War respectively). Now I don't know about you, but I am very much of the opinion that it isn't a birthday without cake...with that in mind the small business owner and guest blog writer for today is Shannon from Shannon's Cakes. She makes truly incredible cakes! Read on to find out more about Shannon and her business...

Hi there, I’m Shannon- I live in Brentwood, Essex and I run a small business called Shannon’s Cakes. My business centres around, but is not limited to, the wonderful world of cake. For almost the last three years I have dedicated myself to producing cakes, cupcakes, brownies, blondies and more, to a lovely customer base in Essex. I work from home, where I’ve been lucky enough to be able to convert one room into a baking room, from which all of my cakes can be produced. I started my business, fresh out of Uni in London where I studied Business Management, simply because I love seeing people happy when they receive a cake, which they can enjoy with their friends and family. I’ve enjoyed baking since I was very young and my family have watched me progress from making packet mix cupcakes to making my first ever wedding cake, to having a following of 13 thousand on Instagram. I now have 3 talented employees working for the business so I’m able to produce more cakes and treats for my wonderful clientele.

A recent addition to the business has been that I now offer postal blondies and brownies to anywhere in the UK weekly through my Etsy shop. In addition to celebration cakes, I also create a bespoke range of treats for all calendared occasions throughout the year, including Valentines Day, Mother’s Day, Easter, Father’s Day, Halloween and of course Christmas. I am very lucky that something which I’ve always loved has become my full-time occupation and I am excited to see how much more I can grow my business in order to add even more to people’s special occasions.

You can find me on Instagram @shannons_cakes, Facebook @shannonscake or my website

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