As my dad would say..."Happy Star Wars Day-May the 4th be with you"... *trigger warning Father's Day

To be honest, I find father's day a bit strange/hard...My dad sadly passed away on the 15th June 2018, 2 days before Father's Day that year, he'd been in hospital for a while after battling multi-system atrophy for nearly a decade, with my wonderful mum as his carer at home. Dad was a big Star Wars fan (I bought many a Star Wars t-shirt as a part of a Father's Day gift) and KING of terrible Dad jokes so today (May 4th) really was one of his favourite days 😂

As father's day 2019 rolled around, and we approached the 1st anniversary of my dad's passing I remember feeling like Father's Day was everywhere...on the radio, tv and in my inbox. Each time it cropped up, at first I'd feel sad but then it would make me think about my dad and all the happy memories I have of him. Then I'd think of all the dad's that deserve a day celebrating them and then I'd get excited because by Father's Day 2020 my 'bump' would be a nearly 11 month old baby! So I'd go from feeling sad and thinking about the past to feeling happy and hopeful thinking about the future. When I started Moore Crate Occasions and I was planning products, I wasn't sure how I'd feel about painting father's day crates but I really do enjoy it, particularly bespoke orders as I get to know a bit more about your 'Dad'...this is the focus of my next blog.

Lexi's daddy was the lucky recipient of my first ever father's day crate...can you tell he loves a good tie?! His wardrobe is full of them! I like the simplicity of the repeating image on his crate but the images can be swapped to whatever you want (within reason), like the beer crate at the top of this blog. If you have a specific design idea in mind please contact me to discuss it.

The 'beer crate' was painted last year for a collaboration I did with 'The Brentwood Brewery' so it was very definitely made with a beer drinking dad in mind. However it would go equally well with one of today's guest writer's best selling products; 'Exmoor Beast Beer Soap'...what an awesome gift combo they would make! Read on to find out a bit more about the wonderful 'The Wilds of Exmoor' and all their fantastic products.

In the enchanted and wild depths of Exmoor National Park we journey down an old and rough track as it hugs to the side of a deep valley. At the bottom a gently curving stream hops over rocks, happily. It is here we come to a small secluded cottage. In front of a whispering fire on a cold windswept day, our soap is being carefully crafted with natural ingredients gathered from the generous countryside.

'The Wilds of Exmoor' is a small family business established August 2019. We make a variety of skin products and candles ranging from £2.50 - £10. We’re constantly thinking of new things to make including these beautiful bath melts and the relatively new Land Rover & Lime Soap. Our all-time bestsellers are the Honey & Oatmeal soap and the Exmoor Beast Beer soap.

Commercial skin care products contain harmful detergents and synthetic ingredients that are absorbed by the skin, the body’s largest organ. Our products contain no SLS, no paraben and no plastic packaging which were the main reasons for founding 'The Wilds of Exmoor'. Nothing beats natural products that are 100% handcrafted, made with love and care in small batches, chemical free and cruelty free.

You can find more on our Instagram page @thewildsofexmoor or Facebook page where we post regular updates on our new products/promotions.

I will be taking Father's Day Crate orders until Sunday 6th June. They are available here for £24.99 with FREE UK delivery. Don't forget to comeback to read the next blog and see some gorgeous bespoke orders.

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