Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are the crate dimensions?

Small crates 31cm x 23cm x 15cm 

Large crates 46cm x 31cm x 25cm

How do I order?

Through my website...find the product you want and if all the options you want are there, simply add the crate to your cart and complete the purchase. If you can't see what you want contact me to discuss it, once we've sorted out all the details I'll create a bespoke product for you to add to your cart and complete the purchase.

Can I see a mock up of what my crate will look like?

I usually send a mock up through when I check the details before I start painting. If you want to see a mock up before ordering please let me know here.

What happens after I order?

You'll receive an email from me to confirm all the details before I start painting...I like to double check so I only have to paint once! Then I'll keep you updated and let you know when it's ready to dispatch/been dispatched.

Do you use decals?

No...everything you see is handpainted onto the crates by me.

I can't see the crate I want?

Contact me with details of what you're after and I'll do my best to make it happen.

Can I change the background colour/text colour/text style/images?

Yep, I paint every crate to order so if you see something you like but you'd like to change an element of it, enquire here and I'll get back to you.

Do you take bespoke orders?

Absolutely! These are some of my favourite makes! Please click here and explain what you'd like and I'll get back in touch to discuss it.

How much is shipping?

I offer FREE UK delivery

How will my crate be shipped?

All crates are sent in cardboard boxes (snug fit) with bubble wrap for extra protection. They are sent via courier. You will receive tracking information in your dispatch confirmation email.

How long will it take?

My processing time is up to 2 weeks, but I very often get crates made and ready to ship within 1 week. If you need it sooner please enquire here before ordering and I'll see what I can do. Shipping takes a further 3-5 working days.

How much are the crates?

Small crates are £24.99

Small bespoke crates are from £30

Large crates are £32.50

Large bespoke crates are from £38

Don't forget I offer FREE UK delivery.

Do you seal the crates?

All paintwork is sealed using Rust-Oleum Clear Satin Sealer, it is "Toy Safe", subject to Toy Standard Testing: BS EN 71-3: 2013 + A1:2014, this is to protect the paint and make the crates more durable. It also gives a lovely finish.

I want to gift a newborn crate ASAP after the baby is born but obviously don't know the details yet...can I order and confirm later?

Yes, if you put the order in with the crate base colour I can get all 5 component parts painted and ready for the details...I can assemble and seal everything except the detail side so when you send everything through I can get it painted and dispatched in a few days (paint needs to dry thoroughly before sealing and then sealer needs to dry thoroughly before packing). 

Got another question?

Ask me here...